Activity Sectors

We are the largest manufacturer of refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pumps in Greece

We have more than 40 years of experience in the manufacturing sector and offer our products and services worldwide with a significant presence in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Our customers enjoy short delivery times due to our large and ever-increasing stock of raw materials.


We manufacture refrigeration machines according to the needs of the installation and the end user. We offer intelligent management and control systems for the complete automation of your facilities with special emphasis on energy saving techniques and mechanisms.

Air conditioning – Heating

We manufacture water and glycol coolers, heat pumps, central air conditioning units, autonomous air conditioning units, industrial fancoils, with a wide variety of standard models but also in special constructions according to the needs of the end user. We recover heat from refrigeration and air conditioning installations or industrial processes in order to save energy and partial or total independence from gas and oil.


Some of the industries with a direct interest in our products and services are:
  • Construction, technical companies, design companies and installers of refrigeration, air conditioning and heating equipment
  • Food warehouses, pre-refrigerators and canteens
  • Pharmaceutical companies, drug and blood warehouses
  • Super markets and food markets
  • Hotels Food processing and standardization industries and crafts, dairies, butchers, wineries and others
  • Industries and handicrafts with refrigeration requirements in some of their processes (such as concrete block cooling, oil cooling in machine tools, mold cooling etc)
  • Hospitals, clinics and diagnostic centers Armed Forces (Navy, Army, Air Force)
  • Shipping companies and ships (yachts, commercial, ferries, cruise ships, fuel, fishing, etc.)
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