Our Story


Our story begins with the founding of UNITED REFRIGERATOR – EPSI in 1981 with the merger of three companies with many years of business experience in the field of industrial refrigeration, air conditioning and shipping service. For the next five years, it is a pioneer with innovative products, managing to become the first choice in domestic shipping, in hotels and air-conditioning buildings, as well as in the industry of plastics, chemicals, packaging materials, food, etc.


In a highly competitive environment, EPSI manages to export its products to Europe, Cyprus, Turkey, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Russia. For the next 12 years, international exports consistently represent 40% of its annual turnover. During this time it installs integrated air conditioning and refrigeration systems on more than 80 merchant ships and cruise ships, as well as numerous air conditioning units and complexes in Qatar, Israel, Portugal and Spain. In the context of development, it establishes a representative office in Cairo, Egypt to meet the growing demand in the African market and the establishment of EPSI MARINE in Greece with its basic services the installation of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment in shipping.

A particularly important year for EPSI was 1998 with the construction of four water coolers 350 RT (refrigeration tons) and thirty air conditioners for the Emir of Qatar.




With the completion of the new privately owned building, United Refrigeration is transferred to the industrial area of Schistos Perama in a new modern industrial building of 4200sqm. There is now the construction and testing of refrigeration and air conditioning machines in a production area equipped with modern CNC machine tools.

With the advent of the 10-year financial crisis in Greece, EPSI manages to remain in the market as the last of the “4 Big” manufacturing company in the Greek market.


After negotiations that lasted 2 years, at the end of 2019, the acquisition of EPSI by TAIRIS SA is completed, thus creating a new strong group of companies active in the trade and construction of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment and systems. This acquisition significantly expands the collaborations with big companies abroad such as BITZER and DANFOSS but also strengthens the existing leading position of EPSI.

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